Did you receive a refund from Brown Paper Tickets for the 2020 conference registration?

Hello to All those who were registered attendees for the April 9th & 10th 2020 conference and who paid registration fees to Brown Paper Tickets,

As an association, we reached out to you to reimburse you for your 2020 prepaid registration when we learned that Brown Paper Tickets was not going to honor the refund policy following Covid’s onset. In May or June of 2020, we sent you a check from our Association to make you whole because we wanted to honor our commitment. We were fairly certain at that time that BPT was not going to reimburse anyone and certainly not in the short run. We have been told that Brown Paper Ticket is slowly climbing out of the financial catastrophe they found themselves in and is reimbursing individuals using the credit card you provided them at that time. Please notify us and consider reimbursing the association, if you get your money back from BPT. We will put the money to use to build our 2022 conference, which will include supporting a couple of educational opportunities that we plan to offer for at most a nominal fee. Checks should be made out to:

Ohio Forensic Directors Association  – 101 High St., 3rd Floor, Hamilton, OH 45011

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. We are here (virtually) to answer anything we can help with.

Published by Ohio Forensic Evaluation Center Directors Association

We offer Ohio's Courts of Common Pleas and the other criminal justice and mental health related services in our regions evidence-based, expertly crafted mental health opinions, and promote the ideals of objectivity and excellence in all forensic evaluation opinions proffered. We strive to promote this standard through the work of our centers and to our colleagues and consultants outside of our centers through training and supervision. Further, we never fail to consider the community's safety, as well as the individual's need for the most clinically appropriate interventions, as we are crafting these opinions and conducting our training. Additionally, we serve our colleagues in the state hospitals, the prison system and the state and county Mental Health and Addiction Services Boards, Developmental Disability Boards, Probation Departments and Municipal Courts to find effective solutions to many of our risk of violence and community mental health safety issues. We are proud to serve the courts of Ohio, and appreciate the ongoing recognition we receive for our work.

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