Ohio MHAS Continuing Education Opportunities free from “E-Based Academy”


There are over 60 courses are offered by the OHIO Mental Health and Addiction Services E-Based Academy. These courses, mostly an hour or so in length range in topics from problem gambling to trauma-informed care in peer recovery support and not all are likely to be forensic-related, but many are. They are designed for many different professional levels and upon completion CMEs, CEs approved for MCE-CEs, and CEs for social work, counseling, and nursing, are available. Other professionals can benefit from the training as well, such as chemical-dependency professionals.

The courses are well thought out and presented by experts. A typical format is a dynamic PowerPoint presentation with audio with embedded videos. You will need to hear the presentation as well as see it, and it is close-captioned.  There are periods of time that you must “check-in” and you have to create an account to get started.

The courses are free and are documented by a certificate after you complete the post-test and the satisfaction/feedback survey.

Published by Ohio Forensic Evaluation Center Directors Association

We offer Ohio's Courts of Common Pleas and the other criminal justice and mental health related services in our regions evidence-based, expertly crafted mental health opinions, and promote the ideals of objectivity and excellence in all forensic evaluation opinions proffered. We strive to promote this standard through the work of our centers and to our colleagues and consultants outside of our centers through training and supervision. Further, we never fail to consider the community's safety, as well as the individual's need for the most clinically appropriate interventions, as we are crafting these opinions and conducting our training. Additionally, we serve our colleagues in the state hospitals, the prison system and the state and county Mental Health and Addiction Services Boards, Developmental Disability Boards, Probation Departments and Municipal Courts to find effective solutions to many of our risk of violence and community mental health safety issues. We are proud to serve the courts of Ohio, and appreciate the ongoing recognition we receive for our work.

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  1. trying to contact for e-based video problems. on the slide 3 types of treatments slide it won’t let me type answer on slides 51 and I can’t go any further. can you help me.

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